How to Active Neteller Prepaid Master Card in 2020?

Neteller Prepaid Master Card
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Neteller is the world largest and trusted payment processor. If you have an European Neteller account then you are able to get Neteller Prepaid Master Card. The Neteller Physical Master Card is the way to withdraw Neteller fund instantly from any Master card supported ATM’s over the world. In this article we are going to write about “How to Active Neteller Prepaid Master Card?” So let’s get start =>

How to Active Neteller Prepaid Master Card in 2020?

Step 1: Login your account.

To active your Neteller Prepaid Master Card you need to login your Neteller account first and after successfully login into your account please click on the “Net+ Card” Option.

Neteller Prepaid Master Card

Step 2: Clicking “Activate Card” Button.

After clicking on the  “Net+ Card” Option you will get “Activate Card” button and you need to click there.

Neteller Card Activation

Step 3: Clicking “Activate My Card” Button.

After clicking on the “Activate Card” button you will get two text box and there you need to write your Neteller prepaid card number and security number (CVV) following your Neteller card. After inputting the card number and security number you need to click on the “Activate My Card” button.

after clicking on the “Activate My Card” button your Neteller Prepaid Master Card will be activated instantly and you will get a congratulation massage there and You are then presented with the Net+ Prepaid Mastercard®* PIN code.

Neteller Caard

Note: Make sure the pop-up windows of your browser have been enabled.

For security purposes, do not write down your PIN or store it electronically and do not disclose your PIN to anyone.

If you are unable to activate your Net+ card, please contact us by clicking on the available contact channel below.

*Net+ Prepaid Mastercard® is only available to residents of authorized European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

Step 4: Neteller Master Card Activation Video Tutorial.



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